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My mothers tinnitus

As far as I can tell there is no evidence at all that tinnitus can be passed down from parent to child so before writing anything in this section it is important to clear that up and make sure that no more untruths about tinnitus are spread, I have tinnitus and so does my mother, it is nothing more than a coincidence.

My mothers tinnitus was just there one morning in her right ear, she describes it as feeling blocked and some sounds been amplified while peoples voices sounded muffled.

After a few hours the tinnitus totally went away and after the muffled/amplified feeling that she had in her ear for several hours she described the (now normal) feeling in her ear as amazing, like been given the gift of hearing again.

Ear Wax and Tinnitus

Ear Wax and Tinnitus

The next morning the beast had resurfaced and the sounds were once again muffled and amplified but this time it did not go away so quickly.

She discovered, by yawning, that moving her jaw around could create a “cracking” sound in the ear and this would remove the discomfort. For the next few days each morning she would crack her jaw to get things back to normal. If this is something that interests you or that you want more details on then have a look at this post which will tell you a little about the Valsalva maneuver and some other ear balancing techniques you might want to appy.

After around a month the cracking seemed to stop working and the muffled/amplified sounds stayed for weeks, she told of how this time it started to really get her down and leave her feeling miserable and snappy. One day she spent several hours forcibly trying to recreate the crack in her ear, once this was done “normality” resumed.

At this stage she decided to consult the GP and, after a minute long analysis, was told that the cracking/muffled and amplified sounds were all down to ear wax. A short does of drops helped to cure this and the tinnitus has not returned since.

The moral of this story is definitely to not stall visiting the doctors as you are quite possibly just dragging out your suffering!